Moving the ball down the field

Raina, fellow passenger on the bathroom renovation train, posted an update today. We've made some progress ourselves so I thought I should put up a shot as well. The drywall is all up and it actually feels like a room again.

The big surprise is that the doors are in. Who did them? We did!

The internet is amazing. I simply googled "how to install a split-jamb door" and was watching a video in mere seconds. You need a hammer and finish nails (long ones), a level and some shims, and then some shorter finish nails for securing the casing to your walls. The first took a bit longer but the second door practically hung itself. And happy accident, the door looks to be exactly the right size to clear the floor tile with no trimming necessary.

Its been forever since I've painted anything around here, so thats on my list for this week.

Like Raina, I'm shooting for a January reveal. Cross your fingers.


Russ Manley said...

Good work, guys. It *is* amazing now all the things you can learn how to do from the intertubes. I've watched lots of videos showing how to, um, nail things properly.


shannon said...

getting so so close!! great job!!

Raina Cox said...

How did I miss this post?!

You've come along way, Baby!

I cannot wait to see all of your gorgeous tile work.