Would someone show John McCain the door

First it was "Wait until the Don't Ask Don't Tell" study is complete. The study said the majority of the armed services didn't care if the gays served openly.

Then it was "The study is flawed, they should do another one."

Now it's "Three out of four military leaders agree, now isn't the right time to repeal. Lets look at a path to repeal sometime in the future."

Mr. McCain, please stop. Any shred of credibility you had before foisting Sarah Palin on the world is now completely gone. You're pandering and everyone knows it. Your wife and daughter (both of whom I like a great deal!) don't even agree with you. You've become a dinosaur, and one who'll say anything in an effort to remain relevant. Thank you for your past service. It's time for you to go.


Russ Manley said...

Amen! Gramps needs to retire to the farm now and let the rest of us get on with life.

Raina Cox said...

UGH. He's vile.

I wish his wife had the strength to tell the world about him. The stories I've heard about his spousal abuse are chilling. Remember his Freudian slip of calling her a "c*nt" on the campaign trail?


David said...

Cindy McCain stayed in Arizona all those years, raised her kids, ran her family business, and refused to get into the mess that is Washington DC. I have a lot of respect for her. I wish she wouldn't retract when she speaks her mind and John's people get on her, but still, much respect.

shannon said...