Shopping Season: A Public Service Reminder from the management of MidMal

Before you know it we'll all be out buying holiday gifts and items to spruce up our places for entertaining season.  DO NOT leave things visible in your vehicle.

Yep, my reminder came the hard way.

Before we opened for business at Bottoms Up this past Saturday I hit a terrific estate sale.  Vintage barware, Japanese lacquer bowls and trays, miscellaneous kitchen coolness and an armload of sweet, sweet vintage ladies clothing that I picked up for my business partners.

Big crowds all over the neighborhood and people coming and going made no difference.  I got to my car just after 5pm to find my back passenger window smashed out, all my stuff gone (including my bowling bag, ball and shoes oddly enough) and a cop waiting to take a report.

The owner of the market was hit as well, so we were two of the 14 cars broken into in the afternoon crime spree.

It never occurred to me that someone would break into a car for 70s dresses and some Santa Claus highball glasses, much less old bowling equipment.  Obviously I was wrong.

So remember to keep it with you or secure your stuff out of sight.

And should you want to visit us at the monthly market but have reservations, never fear.  The email I received today noted that the parking areas will have attendants going forward.  And those of us who sell are always glad to hold onto your purchases until you're through shopping, all you have to do is ask.


Living the life in The Little City said...

That's terrible. 70's clothes are worth that?

Raina Cox said...

I hate people. Except you, David.

David said...

It was terrific stuff Kathleen, but I didn't think it was THAT terrific. (although the pink elephant double old fashions that I took up with me sold in about 20 minutes!)

Raina, there are some awful people, but I firmly believe in karma =)

Russ Manley said...

Fourteen cars broken into, just like that? In broad daylight and big crowds? Is that life in the big city nowadays? Major bummer, sorry you got hit buddy.