Night and day

Remember my family room? The overgrown, totally beat cabinetry opposite the fireplace and the worn parquet that was coming up in places, oh and the nasty dark paneling.

Well, the single door (with the storm door that wouldn't stay closed) and the cloudy, drafty picture window are gone. The replacement is a smaller window with sliders, then a 5 foot french door.

Yesterday the electrician rewired, then today the last of the drywall went up. Tomorrow and Tuesday is mud and tape inside while Bill replaces the trim and shingles outside.

So, after the floors are finished and the trim goes up and some interior doors are replaced the whole middle third of the house will be ready to decorate. I've got that sideboard to paint and a couple of chinese lattice pieces to do a little finish on and back with mirror for starters. Can. Not. Wait.


Toad said...

Fabulous, when's the party?

David said...

The kitchen is standing in the way Toad, but once we get that under control the party's on.

Craig said...

Those new windows/french doors look great. Very classy.

Raina Cox said...

"Ready to decorate" are the three prettiest words ever.

Let me know when the roomwarming is and I'll truck it over from Denver.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Did you say "party"? I love a party. Just let me know what we can bring.