Can you believe it? We bought a sofa.

We're getting ready to maybe have a deck built, so Saturday morning we ran out to a deck supply place to look at decking materials. That led to a stop at Seasonal Concepts to take a look at patio furniture. The insane pricing there made us head out west to Family Leisure. Neither had anything we loved.

While we were so far west we thought "why not run by Nebraska Furniture Mart and see if they have anything. Plus they sell nice grills, and we're due for an upgrade." I know, I've never had much nice to say about NFM, and they DO sell an amazing amount of things I don't want. But they also have the Design Gallery where you can order Henredon and Drexel and the like. We planned to stop in there after looking at the outdoor stuff.

Then, on our way to the patio area, we saw the Rowe sofa shown above and I immediately said to Brett, "sit on that." Not bad at all. Firmer back cushions, which we both prefer.

Not fine furniture I know, but its not Ashley either. And its kind of a riff on the Florence Knoll sofa that I love. We looked through the fabric memos and actually liked the floor model's fabric best of all, and that's when it just got crazy. They have it in that fabric IN STOCK. So they're delivering it Thursday.

A side note, I'm not one for extended warranties and such, but they have a fabric protection plan that covers any one-time damage for 5 years. So if I forget I have a screwdriver in my back pocket and sit down and poke a hole in the fabric they'll fix it. Or replace the whole cushion. Or if thats not possible they'll replace the couch. We're a definite dogs-on-furniture household, so we thought that was 89 bucks well spent.

We ordered something else from the Design Gallery while we were there, but I'll save that for a post when it comes in.


Raina Cox said...

Time to crack open the champagne!

I've speced Rowe for clients several times and have never had a problem. Solid stuff.

Martha said...

Nice looking sofa! Can't wait to see it in place!

David said...

That's good to know Raina. The sales lady said they hadn't had any problems with them and that she thought they made a lot of commercial/hospitality furnishings, so I thought it must be decent.

Martha, I will absolutely post one. I'll ask you to ignore the lack of baseboards or window coverings, but the sofa part should be good =)

Unknown said...