Vintage woodblocks

I posted a while back about a Rick Pence auction, the one where I bought the foo dog head, and mentioned that I picked up a vintage woodblock too.  Well it's become a minor obsession.

Here's that print, just back with it's new archival mount and matting.  Thick board, double matted, white on white.  SO much more of a modern feel.  While I'm not always against a shantung-covered mat or a gold bamboo frame, all together its almost the visual equivalent of a stereotype.

I've decided I'd like to hang a bunch of these together in the living room so I'm going super clean with the framing.  I haven't chosen the moulding yet, but it will be small in scale, probably around a half-inch, perhaps less, and very simple. Black is likely, but I'm not ruling out a nice medium-tone wood either.

I've got two more coming from eBay, both female figures, and I'm hoping that the contemporary framing treatment will emphasize the graphic quality.