A little pretty

Century's 48 inch center table was the last thing I needed.  Yet every time I was in the Design Gallery at Nebraska Furniture Mart I stopped to look at it.

And every time I looked at it I ran my fingers over that hand-planed, pieced top, and admired the tapered pedestal and bourbon-like color of the wood.  God, where wouldn't it work?

I was there last weekend to check out (and rule out) something else entirely.  That piece was gone, but my table was still there.  Only this time it's tag was red, with the words Floor Sample Sale across the top.

The Mart's price is generally just above half of MSRP, which can still be easy to pass on.  The floor sample sale though generally slashes their normal price by about half.  That approaches the 75 percent off mark, and for something I love I pretty much couldn't walk away.

It fits beautifully in that empty corner and lets me pull out some books and pretty things and use that vintage Marbro lamp that I bought to sell but will probably never part with.  

A new lampshade (my lunch hour task for this week) and something on the wall (and of course baseboards) and we'll be good.


Unknown said...


Raina Cox said...

Did you shout BOOM in your head when you read that tag? ;)

ArchitectDesign™ said...

beautiful -and esp for 75% off! I love Century and have blogged about them quite a few times -some of their woods are just amazing.

ChrisToronto said...

I like the shade that's on it now! And I see you've found a place for that foo dog head, very nice. This is a lovely little corner, art will finish it off very nicely, indeed. You'll have that table forever, good buy!