I'm it

I've been tagged by Hello Gorgeous to share seven random, odd facts about myself. I'm having a bit of trouble coming up with anything odd, so I'll go with random, and if you read her blog you'll see that I'm a shameless copycat. Originality suffers only because I've got to pack. Off we go.

1. I started my blog because I was frustrated by the shrillness of the commenting community at Joe.My.God. I described my blog as "Politics, Culture, Decorative Accessories." What I've discovered is that writing about politics and culture is exhausting, so much so that I've published exactly one post. Writing about what I love, painting furniture, estate sale finds, decorating and design, is exciting. Finding a community of smart, witty, like-minded souls has been exhilarating. I'm less Towleroad and more Eddie Ross, and I'm fine with that.

2. When I turned 21 and could get into bars and clubs, I thought my world would blow wide open. What I found was that in my little group, I was the wallflower. So I got a job as a bartender at a little neighborhood gay bar here in KC. I tried waiting tables once and I was terrible, I was however, a really good bartender. Making drinks is really the smallest part of the job.

3. If you ask me where I met my spouse, I will tell you we met at a party. That's true, in a sense. The lesson is that anything can happen, anytime, anywhere, even in the last place you'd expect it.

4. Like HG, I own a scooter. It's an Aprilia Mojito, in black. I don't license it because it's a 49 cc engine, but it goes faster because I had the governor removed. I look forward to someday living in a place where I can drive it more than my car.

5. My first job when I was 16 was a part-time sales associate in the Men's department at Macy's. Whenever inventory rolled around I was invariable saddled with counting something tiny like socks or flatware.

6. I love Las Vegas. I love that things are either shiny and new, or tattered and run down, and rarely anything in between. I love that when something no longer serves it's purpose they will level it and begin again. I love that while we know it's a losing proposition, Las Vegas makes us want to come and play and be someone we normally aren't.

7. My right thumb is bigger than my left thumb, because I have bowled since I was eight years old.

If I were tagging I would tag HG and Decorina, but that's already been taken care of. I'm off the hook! Actually there are a few others I'd tag, but I don't feel I know them well enough yet. Enjoy your Sunday!


hello gorgeous said...

I love reading these. I was a great bartender and that's how I paid for college.

Also, bowler's thumb - that cracked me up. A true sign you are from the Midwest.

Anonymous said...

I was a big bowler back in the day too... hometown Hammond, Indiana! Stopped soon enough it appears, both thumbs look pretty much the same!

Love Vegas too. And am not afraid to admit it. Happy to have found your blog via HG.

Kara said...

Oh, How I love Las Vegas. I live in So Cal so it is just a short drive away or an even shorter (and inexpensive) airplane ride away. There was a time we visited where we got to stay at the Desert Inn, I guess early and mid 90's where the town was really going through the transition to become what it is currently. The "old school" element was still alive and kicking. It was so gawdy - it was great. Oh, how I love those days. Now, our fave place is THE Hotel at Mandalay and we love visiting the spa there.

Ok, now I am ready to book our next Vegas trip - thanks! Have a great time in Paris, btw.

I found you via Decorno...

Unknown said...

Hello~ Ur posting was good, & interesting! Thanks! -Ron.

Decorina said...

Loved this, David.

I love LV too. In fact I got married to current husband there - with an Elvis impersonator, of course.

I lived in LV when I was 5. We watched atom bomb tests from the roof of our house. Still can't believe it. Maybe why my thyroid went wacko. Thinking good thoughts about you at the auction - did you get the breakfront?