Paris Pictures

We ended up with over 250 photos from the trip. I'd never force that on anyone, but I can certainly share some highlights.Shortly after we got to the apartment and got settled on day one, we trekked up the hill (the really steep hill) to Montmartre, and the basilica of Sacre Coeur, shown above. I read that the stone becomes harder and whiter over time. It really is very white, but it's hard to tell as it was a little bit overcast when this was taken.That evening we took the metro to the Eiffel Tower. Everyone has seen a picture, but it really is quite amazing when you're standing right there. On the hour the twinkling flash lights that debuted on New Year's Eve 1999 go off making the whole tower sparkle. If you happen to be up in the tower, or looking away, you know when it starts because the crowd cheers.

We went up to the first level and walked the perimeter, and here I am. On each side there's a panoramic photo of the view that points out the landmarks that can be seen in that direction. Probably a better proposition during the day because at night not much is lit.

Day two began with Notre Dame. Plenty of people, but not the sort of huge crowd I'd imagine in the warmer months. The weather, by the way, was pretty great. Crisp, but with plenty of periods when you really didn't need a jacket, and no unmanageable hordes of tourists. The cathedral was as amazing as I thought it would be. I mentioned to boyfriend that college professors really should encourage students in architectural survey courses to visit these monuments. Sitting in class watching the slide show is one thing, being there is something else entirely.

Inside and out, there's tons to see.

These buildings were designed to inspire, and they certainly do. What awes me even more is the engineering and craftsmanship poured into almost every surface and object. Beyond the architecture, the glass and the furniture is every bit as amazing.

Up next, more from Notre Dame, Ile de St. Louis, and Sainte Chappelle.


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Beautiful, gorgeous! Glad you had such a great trip.