Nous sommes Americains

I've always believed that as a people, Americans are generally an optomistic lot. Hopeful, with faith in our ability to prevail no matter the situation. So as the financial markets sputter and gasp, and the McCain campaign grows ever more hateful and desperate, we're off to Paris this Wednesday.

Boyfriend feels mildly guilty that we're taking a big vacation as things seem so generally grim, but I'm welcoming the break. It seems senseless to me to worry over things I can't control, so I won't. Instead we will visit la Tour Eiffel and Notre Dame, roam the flea market at Port de Vanves, learn about the French, and hopefully represent to them that we are basically good, in spite of the last eight years.

I hope that I'll fall in love with France. That years from now on a plane bound for Charles de Gaulle, I will think back and say to Boyfriend "Remember our first trip to Paris? Remember how scary things seemed? Thank God we woke up from that long, bad dream."

There's so much to do in the next few days. Posting here is always spotty at best, but I hope to check in when I can. I'm also hoping that I'll be able to post from the apartment we've rented near the Moulin Rouge. (Don't worry, we've read the guide books, we know not to bother going!)

But in case I get caught up in the adventure, have a great couple of weeks Internet. I'll be back soon, hopefully with photos to share, and great stories to tell. A votre sante!


Kara said...

Don't forget to visit Pere-Lachaise. It's the beautiful cemetary where Jim Morrison and other's rest.

Have a blast, I think it is impossible to have a bad time in Paris.


hello gorgeous said...

I think it's the perfect thing to do right now! Spend it while you still have some, right? :-)

Enjoy yourself - I'll look forward to the pix.

Bon voyage!

hello gorgeous said...

P.S. I'm tagging you. Come over and see what it's about. You've probably already done this; if not, have a go.

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