Death and Dinner

It's been a whirlwind of activity the last couple days here in Paris.  More sightseeing all over, but what really struck me was today at Pere Lachaise cemetary.

We'd planned to spend today doing a little shopping, which we haven't done at all so far, so I didn't take the camera.  HUGE mistake as I saw a million things I would have loved a shot of.  I'm planning a post on the cemetary alone, so I'll have to see what I can find on the web. 

We also haven't done much dining other than picking something up on the run, which of course is tres facile as there's a shop selling something to eat within a half a block from anywhere in Paris! Tonight, to celebrate my birthday last week, and to bid bid the French farewell, we ate at Le Petit Prince de Paris.  

The trip across town on the Metro was easy as we're pretty good with subways.  We had a little map glitch, but it was quickly solved and we made the reservation right on time.  For entrees (the starter here) Boyfriend had a green salad with duck breast and fois gras, which he loved.  I had escargots with a saute of peas, pea pods, carrot and zucchini.  Dripping in butter and garlic, it was also delicious.

His plat (the main dish) was a veal steak served with tomatoes and cheese, much like a caprese salad, but served warm.  A side potato gratin came with, and thank God it was big enough to split.  My plat was sauteed scallops with roasted potatoes and a bit more of the carrot and zucchini.
The dessert choices were incredible, but it was getting dangerously close to last train (anywhere between 11 and 1130 depending on the station) so after a cafe and the check, which took a bit, we were off.  Home easily, calls made to our moms, and we're off to London tomorrow.

As we left the restaurant the proprietor thanked us and said goodbye with "A bientot."  It's a way of saying goodbye, but signifies less time than "Au revoir," more like our "See you soon."  Paris, I've found you charming, and welcoming.  A bientot indeed.


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David, you must start posting photos! You know that everyone wants to see your latest!

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