Bid now!

I've not sold anything on eBay in ages, and I had these candlesticks at the workshop so I thought I'd get going with that again. I went over them with Howard's Finish Restorer, followed by a coat of Howard's Feed-N-Wax and a buff and they look great.

They look like something Dansk would have made, but they're actually by Tell City Chair Co. I have no idea of their age, but I'm guessing late 60's or early 70's. Of course to maximize my hits from searches I rounded down and referred to them as mid century.

I always give Jason at KC Auction Company a hard time about his pictures, and the often hard-to-gauge scale of his smalls. I went once prepared to bid high on a victorian silver cachepot that from the picture appeared to be about eight inches in diameter. Imagine my surprise when I got there and it was more of a punchbowl than a cachepot, and measured almost two feet in diameter. (Yeah, it was pretty fabulous, and ended up selling for more than two grand)

Jason thinks the soda can, a perennial favorite for giving an idea of size, is too pedestrian. For eBay it works perfectly. I listed these at about 630 tonight, and sure enough I had a bid and two watchers within the hour.

So now that the holidays are over and we're reclaiming our homes from the ornaments and boughs, maybe some vintage wood accessories are what you need. The auction ends next Sunday at 630 central. Bid high and often!


Raina Cox said...

Fingers crossed for mucho dinero.

David said...

I'll never get rich, but it's fun to see where things end up going and make some fun money in the process.

Brett's folks moved and I sold his dad's railroad lantern collection and they made a fortune. Then his mom gave me a telegraph sounder to sell, and it ended up being bought by a museum. She enjoyed the money, but more than that I think she liked the letter I asked them to send her, on letterhead, telling her how they'd be using it in a permanent exibition.

soodie :: said...

Hey David, I am really intrigued by these candlesticks. The wood is just... I don't know... like I want to rub them and make a wish.