Game on!

I spent the first day of 2009 at the workshop, and for some reason I'm totally pumped about furniture painting. I think the end of the holidays has cleared some space in my brain and I'm feeling really invigorated about my business.

I had some vacation days I had to use so I spent the last two Tuesdays there, mostly pricing smalls and taking them to the mall, and doing a bit of re-arranging over there. Also I started a sofa table, which I finished today, save for the clear-coating which I'll finish tomorrow. I've also been working on a small table I picked up at auction, which had to have come out of some kind of industrial shop. The legs are old 4X4s, and the top is made up of two thick planks of pine. It was literally the dirtiest piece of furniture I've ever bought. I could have cleaned it forever and you'd never know, so I just threw on my mask and took the power sander to it. The legs and under shelf got a coat of gray paint today. I'll rub the top planks down with a dark glaze and it'll be ready for clear coat as well.

A nice lady on craigslist was cleaning out her storage unit and needed to deload her china cabinet, so I'm giving that a try. It's a huge piece, but it has relatively simple lines and I've got some ideas I've never tried before so I'm excited about that as well. If anyone knows of a good source for scenic wallpaper (vintage, or vintage looking) or really large maps (five foot square or better) please let me know. Everything I found on eBay was too small or too expensive for what I have in mind.

I'm planning another day of painting tomorrow, and I've set my camera out so I hope to have some pictures to post soon.

So how about you, what are you excited about for the new year?


hello gorgeous said...

Good for you, David! I'm definitely doing more art this year.

Karena said...

Excited to see what you are doing with your new projects. I may come down to the Antques Mall tomorrow. The Asian wallpaper sources, DeGourney, etc. are all so expensive. Check W King Ambler for maps.