At auction this week

This week is another art and antiques auction at KC Auction Company, and looking through the catalog it appears to be a very nice sale. I'll go even though I'm low on disposable income, you never know when something wonderful might sell cheap. It's still fun to watch even if I'm not buying, and it's always good to see what things are selling for. There are about 325 lots so this is nowhere near a representation of everything, just a few things I saw that I liked.

I could very easily become addicted to dog art. I've not bought any because I'm afraid that once I do I won't be able to stop. For example, love this German Shepherd portrait. (my grandparents had a shepherd when I was little, so I'm partial)

The Springer here is pretty handsome as well.

Black Forest isn't for everyone, and in large part it's not something I've ever been interested in owning. That said, the catalog lists this as a piano stool, but I think it would be great as a little table next to a chair.

I'm a fan of glass if you didn't know, and while this Tiffany Aurene glass bowl with sterling overlay isn't really my taste, I'm looking forward to seeing it in person.

Something from Tiffany that I'd totally enjoy owning is this bronze and slag glass paperclip in the pine needle pattern, marked Tiffany Studios New York. It's 3.75 by 2.5 inches, and the pre-auction online bids are already up to 50 bucks.

There's a number of good mid-century pieces represented as well. We've got plenty of mid-century freaks around here and I never get in the middle of their bid battles, but this Eames Soft Pad chair would be sweet with Brett's antique desk.

And the thing I like most in the whole sale, this dresser and chest. They're Paul McCobb for Calvin, and I love the lines. Brett says (and he's right) that we don't need to worry about new bedroom furniture until we move. Still, these would be great with the upholstered headboard I have in mind, with antique Asian lacquered cabinets as bedside tables. The dresser would be perfect across from the bed with a flat panel tv over it. The chest is a nice size that would fit in easily anywhere. (and should our next bedroom be in that house we love, there's a perfect spot!)


Raina said...

The chair - OOOOH!

The bedroom duo - AAAAHH!

ChrisToronto said...

Unlike you, David, Mike and I have succumbed to the dog art phenomenon ( so those portraits are calling me. The Eames chair is a must and I'd set a personal ceiling of about $800, which may or many not be enough to carry the day. The McCobb dresser set, well, it's too fabulous. Good luck at the sale!

Karena said...

Great choices to consider. I love the Springer and the Eames piece.

Decorina said...

Really nice pieces, David. Are you two still considering the MCM place?

David said...

Hi D! We are still hoping that's where we land, but who knows.

They had an offer but it fell apart. I also know of another interested buyer, but he's got to unload his place first so we're just hoping to be first to the punch.

Anonymous said...

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