Cousin Max

Brett's folks live in Lawrence. Yesterday's wedding festivities ran late into the evening, and start up again today with a Father's Day brunch, so they got a room up the street at the Residence Inn rather than do all that needless driving. Max, their black schnauzer, got to stay here at our place with Jack and Alex.

Brett's mom prepares all of Max's food herself, using recipes designed for optimal canine health that she's gathered from online sources and groups she belongs to. You pretty much have to be retired to do this successfully, as I learned when Alex had some digestive issues and I had to make him boiled chicken and rice. (although my Kitchen Aid with the grinder attachment was a huge help)

My point being this: While we buy the best quality dog food we can, homemade makes a difference. My boys are handsome and healthy, but Max always looks just slightly better to me. The only real difference in their lives are what they eat. He's trim but solid, with a gorgeous coat that feels just slightly different.

Brett's dad trained Max for obedience trials, and we went and watched a few times when the meet was close to KC. He did very well, but sometimes had a little problem waiting. I watched one trial as Brett's dad gave the first command, and Max proceeded to complete the entire course. A flawless execution, even if he didn't wait for the signals.

He's also a very calm little guy. It's playtime pandemonium when Prada comes to visit, but Max is easy and quiet and way laid-back. A pleasure to keep, I'm looking forward to him coming back!


mary said...

Aw - you're makin' me miss my dogs and want to adopt again.....all in good time.

soodie :: said...

Hi David, Max looks great!

My previous westie, Tula, had severe allergies and I (ok, it was her "Grandmother" actually) would make her special casseroles. And although I fed her organic and hypo-allergenic dog food for years until her allergies really worsened, the home-made ground turkey and rice casseroles made her eyes sparkle and her coat as soft as mink. She was one truly remarkable little soul.

Raina said...

Aw...look at that face.

Decorina said...

What a cute guy. Since we changed Skylar's food he is a new improved dog. Acts 5 years younger than his 11+ years.

Kathleen said...

Great looking dog. I feed my dogs a good kibble and add table scraps to the mix. A couple of times a week, I give them a can of jack mackerel. They love that.