White sangria

*Photo not mine. We drink here, but we rarely garnish like this

Nine times out of ten I'll choose liquor over wine. Except when there's sangria. Rachel served a white one before dinner last time they had us over and it was delicious.

A group of realtors with midtown and downtown listings got together and are having a little homes tour tomorrow night, and we're on it. They were talking about wine and cheese so I offered to make that same white sangria for our realtor to serve. I mixed up a gallon of it tonight, and of course we had to taste it. If there are leftovers tomorrow night I'm not going to mind a bit. Here's the recipe, make multiples for a crowd:

1 bottle white wine (chardonay if you like sweeter, I prefer not so sweet so I used a sauvignon blanc-also, a nine buck bottle is fine here, no need to gold plate it)
1 1/2 cups Triple Sec
3/4 cup Orange Juice
Your choice of chopped fruit
Splash of Fresca

Yes, Fresca. I can hear the purists screaming. So it's not a traditional sangria, it's still tasty and refreshing. I threw in some orange and lime slices, pineapple and melon chunks and a big handful of red grapes.

So hopefully someone will wander in here and pour themselves a glass and think "wow this is good, and this apartment is wonderful - let's make an offer!"


Raina said...

You're gonna make me my own pitcher when I visit, right?

Karena said...

Sounds delish, Hope that your home sells soon. My sister has a building in the West Bottoms on the market if you hear of anyone for a multi use 13,500 sq ft, 3 floor space.

David said...

One for all of us Raina, with big straws!

Jill said...

In Mexico and Spain, Sangria is usually made with some sort of soda...Sprite, Ginger Ale, the horribly named Squirt. I think Fresca is a fantastic idea! I don't like very sweet Sangria...your recipe is great. We go thru a lot of Fresca at my house. My husband drinks Vodka and Fresca.

David said...

Thanks Jill, if that's how the natives make it then I'm sticking with it.

I'm also hoping there's a lot of waterlogged fruit at the bottom of the pitcher...my favorite part.