Town & Country II

So we went and looked at the house in Town & Country. I hoped I wouldn't love it, but I did.

The photos make it look bigger than it really is. That front yard is big, make no mistake, but not quite the football field it appears to be. The back and side yards are generous as well, and Brett pointed out the perfect spot for a pool.

The living room, which I thought was likely cavernous and not easily furnished, had a much better scale in person. The giant stone fireplace wall is rough-hewn Tennessee marble, and even better in person. The dining room was the perfect size.

What I was really interested to see were the kitchen and bathrooms which were not pictured in the listing. And as I suspected, there was a reason. The kitchen was probably overhauled in the 80s, and was a sea of bright white tile (walls AND floor) punctuated by mauve Formica. Bathrooms were original, with some interesting tile and some 80s wallpaper.

It's totally a keeper, but not without a list of needs. Beyond kitchen and baths, the original tile ceilings would need to be sheetrocked. And while we're at it we should replace the large recessed lighting with something more discreet. The parquet in the main public spaces and the carpet in the bedroom wing all need replacing. And the shake roof looks like it's on it's last leg.

The owners have moved out, and save for stored clothing and dishes the place is empty. That can often hurt how a house shows, but I liked seeing it empty.

All in all a great place. I bet it's under contract in less than a week.


Raina said...

"Under contract in less than a week" by you perhaps?

Mrs. Blandings said...

The lots there and the big rambling space of those homes is hard to beat. (There are some upsides to JoCo as well but don't tell Mr. B that I admitted it.)

Karena said...

Yes, Town & Country is beautiful, Old Leawood is still my fave of the older neighborhoods, as well as Westwood, Westwood Hills and Mission Woods.

kathleen said...

I prefer to see houses empty. It allows the focus to be on the house, rather than the staging.

David said...

Raina, don't I wish, but no =)

Mrs. B, secret's safe with me.

Karena, Brett lived in Westwood Hills in a past life. So pretty, but so small.

Kathleen, if you're like me empty makes it much easier to see what you plan to change!