Christmas (sort of) comes to Chez Malaise

I'm not so much in the holiday spirit, but that's no excuse for passing on a good buy for a little something pretty for the house - call it a present if you must. There's always something new on the floor at Nell Hills, and last time I stopped in to see Rich, white ceramics were everywhere. My favorite was this lidded jar, available in 12 and almost 24 inches. On the way back from running Tom to the airport today I stopped in and got one of the big ones. I shouldn't be buying accessories, but things are never there for long and at 44 bucks it's a lot of look for not much cash. I'm wishing I'd bought a pair so I may have to make another trip.

Theres a large framed drawing I've had my eye on there as well (in the upstairs "Family" restroom of all places). It is distinctly not a deal at 715, which combined with it's display spot in the lavatory means it's been there quite a while, a rarity at Nell Hills. I told Rich that should Mary Carol ask, I'd buy it if she'd mark it down by half. If that ever works I'll be sure to let you know.

I mentioned taking Tom to the airport, and that means it's time for another holiday tradition, Prada the Extra Schnauzer is back to stay for 10 days! Here she is on our heinously tattered vinyl sheet linoleum in the kitchen shortly after enjoying a pig ear. Yes, she's just as hairy as ever.

We dropped her off here before Tom and I headed out to KCI, and she was not happy. Brett texted later that she'd thrown up twice, but she seems more at ease now and has been chasing Alex around the living room. Neither of them can get any traction on the old wood floor so it's been entertaining to watch.

One other thing to mention, drink prices at the airport are insane. Tom and the little baby Jesus share the same birthday, and I'm still self-medicating my back, so we thought we'd have a cocktail before he got in the security line. My bloody mary was perfectly fine and certainly strong, but $10.50 per is obscene.


Raina Cox said...


And I'm loving that wallpaper.


Very much.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Agreeing with Raina that the hallway is looking pretty terrif. And, I remember Prada's ears. Adorable.

Karena said...

Love your holiday company, so cute. The white ginger jar is forever!

Decorina said...

I hear you about the prices at the airport for a bloody mary - I paid $9.50 at the Austin airport last month. Too much.

So hairy - are you going to get her a haircut?

ChrisToronto said...

Are you permitted to clip Prada while she's with you? Mike is looking over my shoulder saying "that's not schnauzer, she's a frowzer."

David said...

My boys are outside in the van being groomed as we speak. Had I planned better I would have asked Jacqui if she could squeeze Prada in. Zoom-N-Groom has to keep a waitlist because so many want to get on the route, sadly that prohibits any on-the-fly additions.

soodie :: said...

love your white ginger jar!!!

that dog Prada always makes me laugh when you post a pic of her. good lord she mugs for the camera.

at least she is puking. Billy tends to go #3 while running around when he gets nervous, and then i puke.

and yes, the cost of drinks all over have gotten insane. i mean really -- it is like $100 for two people to get a buzz these days.

home before dark said...

I don't know the Prada stories, but I think she is adorable, too. We didn't crop our schnauzer's ears, either, and one of my son's friends dubbed him Radar because of the way he would turn them just so to tune in sound.

I think anyone with a bad back, who has been a good Santa to a child in need, who babysits with a throw-up machine, deserves—no, requires, a pair of white urns.

hello gorgeous said...

I love Nell Hill's (only know of it because I have her books).

Happy Christmas, David.

David said...

I don't know what it is Soodie, you pull out a camera and she just lights up. So funny.

HBD, Prada stayed with us last year when she was 1 year old. Walked on tables, pooped on the floor, ripped Alex's favorite toy to shreds...schnauzer puppies are cute so you don't kill them. I'm taking your advice on the other urn, thank you for prompting!

HG, if you should ever find yourself coming through KC we'll hit NH and the wine-laden lunch is on me. Merry merry to you too.

home before dark said...

After the Prada (love the name), I think it is definitely another urn and a generous dose of Jack Black.

designerman said...

thanks for all your kind words and support this year. hope '10 is great for all of us!