Catching up with Craigslist

Generally speaking the furniture listings on craigslist here are dreadful. Chris at StyleNorth regularly finds all sorts of goodness up in Canada, but I've never had great luck here in KC. That said, I keep looking. Even though I'm not selling now and I've got way too much to do here before I think about furnishing rooms, I like to keep on top of whats out there in the second hand market. And who am I kidding, not being ready to decorate doesn't mean I don't think about decorating. A lot.

Remember all that pale furniture with the sort of pinkish cast to it, maybe from the 80s? Someone in Leawood would like to unload theirs. The armoire looks like something right out of an airport motel, but I thought this piece had potential.

The post says it's by Century so its probably decently put together, and I like the lines. Painted white (white? pale gray?) with some chrome hardware I think it could be interesting. They're asking $275 though, and that's too much. $150 and I would have already called.

We're planning to use the corner bedroom as a place for Brett's desk and a project table for me. The bedrooms here are roomy, we're replacing an old built-in desk with a window seat, it'll be a nice space. This next cabinet would be great for storage. Office supplies and such in the bottom, my sewing machines and craft stuff up top.

From up in Excelsior Springs, the post states the piece is made of antique lumber but does not call it an antique. Home woodworker I'm betting, which is great. There are a lot of basement craftsmen out there, and some of them are really good. I'd paint it to try to take away some of the "primitive" feel, but I like the simple shape and panel doors. No measurements are given but the size looks about right to me for the space. I'd have to change the hardware. The ask is $750, which seems sort of okay for custom furniture, but high for craigslist. I'm going to have to think a while about what I'd offer.

Finally I noticed this, an Eames Aluminum Group lounge by Herman Miller. The soft pad chair is my absolute favorite Eames design, but this one is a close second.

The post says it was manufactured in September 2009, and it appears to be in like-new condition. The upholstery is described as "chocolate leatherette." They start at $1400 in fabric at Design Within Reach, so it's a good deal even if the "leatherette" is a bit of a let-down. Sadly I don't have anywhere here I can use anything brown. Somebody will snatch it up quickly though, and I can't blame them.

Out of towners, how's your craigslist, anything good?


Martha said...

David, I have friends from far away who come up with the most amazing Craig's List finds for "nothing" -- amazing things!

I agree, our (KC) Craig's List is lacking . . . and I think what is out there is far too expensive for CL -- more antique shop prices . . . but I did find a wonderful tilt top table on CL at not a steal but a fair price . . and it did come home to Linderhof.

tangles said...

The Charlotte CL is decent. Our latest find was a birdseye maple king bed, dresser, and side table for $300.

Anonymous said...

Same boat down here in New Orleans. Our CraigsList is a grab bag of blobular microfiber sofas (often sectional), glass & brass dinette sets and a variety of things described as made from 'real wood.'

I keep hoping to find one of those $50 wonders that with a coat of paint and new hardware steal the show. No luck yet.

Karena said...

I know some friends have had great luck with CL, I really haven't, but again I don't really need anything!! Love the first piece and can see that your makeover would be great David. Oh and is "leatherette" like pleatherette?!!

Raina Cox said...

Denver's is just as bad. Lots and lots of puffalump sofas and people advertising pieces from Ashley Furniture like it's Baker or Henredon.

Not as much "cabin" look as I thought there would be.

soodie :: said...

agreed KC's craigslist isn't good. LA's, on the other hand, was mighty good.

that demi-lune dresser object -- david you've got some SERIOUS potential there. change out the pulls and paint it a high-gloss or lacquered color in something bright. sometimes, i go to 1stdibs just to get some ideas. it would be too much of a pain to paint the inside of drawers, but you could do dark color on the outside and something light and tropical on the inside drawers...

*sigh* ok gotta get back to work. dreaming about this stuff is the fun part... (btw, david, i do have question for you re mission antique mall. can i email you? and where?)

David said...

Hi Soodie. I'm really enjoying your Women in Design series, I keep meaning to leave a comment and tell you.

Email me anytime,

Decorina said...

Hi David. I used to have 4 of those Eames chairs that a bank gave me back in the early 70's.

The vinyl ("Leatherette") - call it what you will - is necessary because it is heat seamed to make the upholstery's horizontal grooves. I know this because I asked the Herman Miller rep when I had my chairs. It may be almost new - it has the nice, cast aluminum 5 star base that was required after the 1970's.

CL is pretty much of a waste here in Denver as Raina pointed out. And how can the prices be so high? I do watch antiques Roadshow every week and wonder at some of the people that say "Oh, I picked that up for $5 at a yard sale." Often I think they are just flat out lying...but you never know.

Mrs. Blandings said...

I've never even thought to check CL here. Seems that I don't need to!

Kathleen said...

Well, I've not purchased anything on craigslist, but I did spot this breakfront the other day...I thought that with the doors removed, it would be a fine bookcase. I would place it across from the living room fireplace where I have a big blank wall due to my picture-hanging procrastination. My husband nixed the idea.

Here it is:

David said...

The basic lines are good, I think that could convert into a bookcase nicely Kathleen.

When did everyone decide to get rid of their china cabinets? CL seems to be full of them everywhere.

ChrisToronto said...

Thanks for the nod David; it's true that Toronto is blessed with a darned good CL but I've never seen the MCM riches up for grabs in LA and New York. Alas.