Restoration Hardware's new garden lines

I got an email announcing Resto's new garden products for this spring, so at the end of my workday I took a few minutes to look around the website. I run hot and cold on Resto, but there are some things I like.

I think the Spartan daybed has Raina written all over it.

This round dining table from the Klimos collection comes in a smaller and larger size. The accompanying side chairs are just as good looking and I can totally see this on our patio.

Along with the lounge chair from the same collection.
Hit the website for the other new offerings, there's lots of goodness to see.
***UPDATE*** There's way more than I realized in addition to the outdoor furniture. Planters, fountains, pedestals, pots, tools, even some ivy and boxwood topiary.


Karena said...

I love the table, and agree that daybed is definitely Raina!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Mad, mad, mad for that dining table.

Raina Cox said...

Could you hear my sharp intake of breath all the way over in KC?

Before I even read your commentary, I thought "How can I cram this ovoid wicker gift from God onto my covered patio?" Short answer - I can't.

Thanks for the shout-out, Darling, and have a fabulous weekend!

Raina Cox said...

P.S. Just checked out the Klismos collection and I AM IN LOVE.


And I don't think it's terribly priced. Especially for Resto.

David said...

I don't think the pricing is bad either. Being cast aluminum if it's at all decently made it should hold up for years.

Kathy said...

I think they're picking up some of the slack after Smith and Hawken bit the dust. No room for the oval wicker in my life either, but it's beautiful!

home before dark said...

Just make sure whatever furniture you put on your patio is heavy enough to withstand Kansas winds. You don't want your landscape furniture to become flying projectiles. I'm sticking with teak. I've had enough flying machine adventures! If we all think spring, will it really, really happen?

David said...

Kathy I said the exact same thing to Brett the other night. With Smith & Hawken gone there was a big gap in the outdoor furnishing market. I'm glad Restoration stepped up to the plate, there are a number of things I'd like to have.

HBD I know what you mean, our current outdoor chairs are heavy iron. The sun today makes me hopeful that spring isn't too far off.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

resto claims the klismos collection is 'heavy aluminum' so I guess it would withstand high winds. Not in stores yet to try it out. I'm CRAZY in love with the whole collection and am house STARVED just so I had a place to put them. I might even get the chairs for indoor use after seeing them in person....Resto do you hear me?
keep in mind that if you have a trade account with them you get 20% off -which helps!

Jessica said...

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