Gilt's Mens Final Sale started at 11am central this morning.

By 11:03 I had clicked on a pair of WeSC jeans, a pair of AG jeans, and an RRL belt. ALL THREE were in another members cart.

Also, the belt should have been on my waitlist from the last RRL sale. I never received an email that they got additional stock.

Now one pair of jeans is showing available for purchase, but when I click to view the size I waitlisted is X'd out.

Does anyone ever get the opportunity to buy anything at Gilt?


Raina Cox said...

They have a "secret" club for members who spend over $10,000 a year. Those lucky ducks are allowed to shop 15 minutes before a sale begins.

Maybe some uber-rich dude who's your size is swiping it all before you get there.

David said...

Thank you Raina, I knew there must be something I was unaware of.

I'm not automatically opposed to those who spend more getting some benefit out of it. But if I get late access to the same merchandise pool and I wear common sizes I don't seem much reason to bother looking anymore.

soodie :: said...

i shop there... needlessly... as well. and i've noticed certain items in members' carts at 11 am and one second and wondered the same thing...