Before and after. Sort of.

I have some shelves down in the basement where I keep the lamps I pick up at auctions and estate sales. A graveyard or a nursery, depending on how you look at it. Some I've bought with the intent to rewire and sell, like that vintage bottle-shaped Haegar with its original finial, or the one made out of an antique French copper brazier.

More often I've bought thinking they could be refreshed and pressed into service in our home. The pair of oversized Stiffel urns that I hoped could be chromed turned out to be pot metal, so they're awaiting a trip to the body shop for some car paint. The same with the metal horse lamp, the base shaped like an oversized knight off a chess board.

This ceramic seated Asian figure came from an auction, was originally glazed in an unattractive avocado green, and sat on a corroded metal base. I don't remember exactly what I paid for him, but I do know that he was under five bucks. As is the custom here at Chez Malaise, I completely forgot to take a picture of him as purchased.

When the weather warmed up last weekend I took him outside and got to work with a can of Krylon Fusion superbond spray paint. I've never painted a ceramic piece before, but so far I'm pleased with both the apparent adherence and surface finish of the paint. He'll need a few touch-ups to cover a couple thin spots and one small run I hadn't noticed, but the shot above is representative of how he'll look when I'm done spraying him down.

A lamp shop not far from me has simple round black wood bases with oriental bracket feet, which I think will work perfectly. I saved the guts to reuse, but hope to find a silver-toned cap and neck for between the base and socket. With that he'll be done and ready for a shade, whenever I find a little spot to fit him in.


hello gorgeous said...

Yes, that turned out great.

Now please do a post on how to rewire a lamp.

Mrs. Blandings said...


Decorina said...

I also have a lamp shelf in the basement storage area. In addition to lamps there are ceiling globes that I started collecting years ago and drag from house to house with me.

That guy looks great with the paint. I'm still lugging around 2 carved columns that I think came off a piano that I found in my old house's attic 20+ years ago.

Raina Cox said...

I second HG's request.

Have a great weekend, David!

home before dark said...

That's a second second. You're up to something good!

ChrisToronto said...

Wow, color me impressed. I had no idea Krylon could give such a realistic, ceramic-like finish. Thanks for the tip, David!