Vanity Fair

We're not even close to done with Bedroom #1 and in my head I'm already thinking about the bathroom. My tile picks remain the same: China Black marble for the floor, probably a 12x12, laid on the diagonal. White carrera subway for the walls, all the way to the ceiling. I'm relatively open on size, although 4x8 would be ideal.

I've found the floor tile locally but I'm having a problem with the subway. Everyone has carrera tile, but nobody has the size or shape we need. Theres a seller on eBay with a great price on 3x6 which I'd probably be happy with, but shipping from Canada won't be cheap.

I spent part of today looking at vanity cabinets. We'd originally planned on a pair of pedestal sinks but have changed our minds. In the end this will be the guest bath, and one sink will be fine. One sink also fits into the space better.

The leading candidate is the Clermont by Kohler.
I've been happy with every Kohler product I've ever purchased, and I can pick this up for about $650 at Not dirt cheap, but certainly at the reasonable end of the spectrum. I like the simple styling and I think a wood piece will warm up all the black and white marble nicely.

What I have not been able to find a reasonable price on is this:

This faucet is from the For Town collection by Michael S. Smith for Kallista. Picture it (widespread) on a carrera slab with a white undermount sink atop that cabinet. Its crisp, its classic, its perfect. It's also ridiculously expensive at $1,495 so its likely not coming here to live. Luckily there are a couple Kohler faucets (Purist, Pinstripe) I can work with, and there are some seriously good prices to be found online.

The guys were here working on the bedroom on Saturday so I should have some progress pics to share tomorrow.


Karena said...

I can picture it perfectly. The vanity the curve of those legs, and that faucet, OMG!!

Art by Karena

星美 said...
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Martha said...

We've always had to "settle" whenever we do a project -- there are just some things we can't afford. Oftentimes it works out as good as or better than what you wanted originally.

The vanity is splendid and I think will fit it perfectly!

Raina Cox said...

Sublime choices, David!

I can envision it already.

Mrs. Blandings said...

I am very happy with my Pinstripe faucet, though the octagonal base on the Smith - wow. Have you tried Tile and Stone Warehouse off of SMP in, what, Merriam? Not the Tile Shop. Anyway, they have really nice product and great prices. I found my carrera mosaic and a tile they used for a base there. Cheap.

David said...

Martha, fingers crossed that that happens for me with this bathroom.

Mrs B, the warehouse is where I found the China Black, they've got some great deals. I'm trying to decide now if I could buy square carrera tiles and cut them in half.

I'm glad to hear you're happy with your Pinstripe faucet. It feels similar to the Smith and maybe wouldn't be the worst compromise.

Mrs. Blandings said...

They cut square tiles to make the border in my powder room - you are welcome to come by and take a look. There were no damaged pieces - it was a piece of cake. Well, for the tile guy. You can give the pinstripe a whirl, too, if you like.