The pros take over

Bill and his powertools arrived today to finish the demo because frankly it wore us out. While tear out is certainly something you can do yourself, the fact that the walls came down in bigger pieces for him, rather than the crumbly bits we got says that there is more knowledge involved than you'd think.
Tomorrow he'll take out the bathroom door and vanity and start framing for the new, larger door. Also up tomorrow is Chris the electrician. I'm so excited about the darkness-banishing recessed lights I could squeal. Who am I kidding, the whole thing makes me want to squeal.

I've also taken the opportunity to remove some other doors around the house (salvaging the very cool hardware!) that are going away and shuttled them off to the dumpster. We've got some old wrought iron I was going to trash too but Bill saves scrap metal and offered to take it all off my hands.

So the tear down is nearly done. Hopefully by the weekend I'll have some pictures of the rebuilt to show.


Raina Cox said...

This series (that's what it is, right?) is terribly exciting!

Karena said...

Fun to see the progress!!

Art by Karena

Toad said...

Nothing like progress. I admire your ability to leave pro work to the pros and get out of the way.

Decorina said...
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David said...

Hey D! It's either 2 layers of sheetrock or plaster over sheetrock, I'm not exactly sure. It's down now either way!