Here we go

Order your dumpster before you start your demo, or you end up with so much debris bagged up and stacked in the middle of the room that you have to stop. Our dumpster is being delivered tomorrow, so we can finish clearing out the room tomorrow and Wednesday night.
Tonight we met with the electrician, and his bid was very good. So good in fact that the number had barely left his mouth and I said "Sold." Brett then immediately said "How much more to add ceiling lights in the hallway?"
So everything needs to be cleared out and ready to go by Thursday, because thats when the rewiring begins. We went to Lowe's tonight armed with a list and the Christmas gift cards from our families, and came out with 400 bucks worth of electrical equipment. New, white, grounded outlets. Five inch recessed ceiling cans. Wide, shallow wall switches with dimmers. Even a pair of simple ceiling fixtures to replace the bare bulb and pull chain lights in the closets.

Never one to wait on the fun stuff, today I also picked up a couple Ben Moore sample jars to test when the new drywall is up.

We're SO ready for some change.


Raina Cox said...

Other people might a pile of trash, but I see mountains of possibility.

Thanks for taking us along on your wonderful ride!

Karena said...

Very excited and fun to see the before and afters. Also glad I am not doing this anymore so can look through your eyes!

Art by Karena

Toad said...

I do not, I do not envy your task. I've been there, I've done it. I like it for a little while, then hate it, then LOVE it.

good work guys. Just a few more days

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I'm loving following the transformation of your new home!

home before dark said...

Ok, now. That Jayhawk loss has got you two going. (I am trying to see somthing positive in that). This is going to be a wonderful new space. Can't wait to see the transformation. Do hope you have stocked up on Advil!

anita said...

lucky! i do love the smell of renovation in the air.