Dining by Design 2010

Dining by Design originated in Kansas City 20 years ago. Its always a really nice event benefitting an important cause, and we've enjoyed ourselves every time we've gone. I did not take my camera last night because I didn't feel like keeping track of it all evening, but Brett managed to get some decent snaps with his iPhone. Here they are in no particular order, please pardon any blurryness.

Below was our table, designed by the Avila College design department. It was a font theme and very graphic. Fun.
There are always some asian inspired tables. In fact should Brett's firm ever sponsor a table and I get to design, that's the route I'd go.

This elephant was a photo op all evening long.

This year they put the tables that had more enclosed surroundings or tenting on the edges of the floor, and I thought the hall felt much more open and airy. Good call.

Retro living room here, I loved the TV trays, although everyone else thought it would be horrible for dinner conversation.

Barbara Cosgrove brought out this whirlwind of lawn chairs suspended over a long, gorgeous table featuring her lamps and accessories. That cloud of furniture was at least 10 feet wide. If there was any specific idea other than "white" I didn't get it, but I loved it anyway. She also used a pair of floor lamps that I've been drooling over online, so it was really good to get to see and touch them in person.

We sadly didn't get a shot of Mrs. Blandings' table, which was a lovely amalgamation of her favorite things, including a couple of pieces from her own dining room. Beautifully done, just as you'd expect. And because dressing up for the party is as much fun as the tables themselves I'll mention this: When a commenter on her blog asked what she planned to wear she downplayed her berry colored sheath dress. It was a great color, beautifully cut, and impeccably fitted (the ladies in alterations at Hall's are pretty good). Elegant and glamourous, again, just as you'd expect.

I bid on the signed copy of Thomas O'Brien's American Modern in the silent auction but came up empty handed due to the dude hovering nearby eyeing the bid sheet. You'll recall I didn't have to bid on the signed copy of Margaret Russell's Style and Substance as I have my own (thank you again Patricia). Reading through the event booklet at our table later on I saw that there was a donation by Kinkaid's Antiques, and I'm disappointed that I missed whatever it was as I like most everything in Cindy's shop.

All in all, a really great evening and way more fun than the paint touch up I have planned for today.


Karena said...

Thanks for posting David. I had tickets and then had a situation come up where I could not attend.

Really looked forward to it and am sure more images will be posted! Had already seen Eddie's table!

Art by Karena

Mrs. Blandings said...

David - we had so much fun, maybe too much though Blanc Burger seems to have cured it a bit. Thanks so much for you kind words on both the table and the dress. I agree that having just the walled tables on the edges made the whole party seem so much more open. It's incredible to see what the designers do. Maybe you can do that Asian table next year.

suzanne said...

Hi David, I'm a fellow KC blogger and actually designed my first DIFFA table this year. It was next to Mrs. Blandings' table but sadly I never ran into her. I agree about the hall seeming more airy and open this year than prior. It was a wonderful event and I was thrilled to be part of it.