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Look at that, new doors! For the hallway and closet anyway, the bathroom door won't go in until we get going in the bathroom. Obviously the casing needs primed and painted. The doors came primed so they'll just need a coat or two of Snowbound, like I gave 80 feet of base moulding today.
Just as exciting as the closet doors, is the closet system itself that we ordered from EasyClosets.com. How about a product review?

Let me start by letting you know I have no affiliation with EasyClosets.com, other than I've just ordered and installed their product.

Their online design tool was really very easy to use. You pick the type of closet (say reach-in versus walk-in), input your measurements, and start building. Tall hanging, double hanging, drawers, baskets and hampers are all available. There are also a variety of drawer fronts, hardware options, and accessories such as tie and belt racks. There are a range of available laminate colors and wood grains. Because this bedroom will eventually be used as a home office/project room we went with plain white laminate.

We ordered our system last Saturday afternoon. I received an email Monday morning saying that our boxes were shipping and would be delivered Thursday, and they were. All nine of them. One small thing I thought was pretty smart, each box was labeled "Corner Bedroom," the name I gave our design. If you'd built and ordered multiple closets you'd know exactly where everything should go.

We opened all the boxes and familiarized ourselves with what each piece was, and opened the instruction booklet. It came with a plan drawing printed in with the instructions. Not exactly the easiest to follow, but not difficult either. The main thing is to mount the back wall track at the right height, perfectly level, and screwed into studs.

The rest of the system was a breeze. Vertical panels simply hang on the track and receive cam pins. Horizontal pieces get cams inserted and then set on the cam pins. One turn of the screwdriver and everything tightens up. If its not in correctly you'll know. Even installing the drawer glides was no problem with the included self-tapping screws and a drill fit with a phillips head bit. Instructions even tell you how many open holes you need above your drawer rail for the next one.

Finally, scoring the plastic track cover with a utility knife allows it to snap straight and it mounts right over the track to cover the metal. With that you're done.

Overall I'm happy with the product. The closet system we used at the condo was very similar, but bigger and quite a bit heavier, but also a lot more expensive. I would probably not use EasyClosets for our master closet, opting for real custom cabinetry instead. But for this office bedroom or the guest room (the next closet we'll need to outfit) I think it's perfect. And I can't argue with the ease of customizing to fit whatever the need, the lightning fast shipping, or an installation that really was no big deal.


Toad said...

the doors are a great alternative to the usual. I like it a lot.

Now, you have thinking about closets. I wish you'd finish.

Russ Manley said...

Very cool David, looking good there.

Raina Cox said...

Thanks for that review, David!

I'm looking at different systems for our two walk-in master closets.

Karena said...

Alright David! You all are coming right along!! Good job.

Giveaway by Beth Cosner Designs is up on my site. Come visit and spread the word!!


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