Ready for bed

If you could see the bedroom where we've been sleeping, with it's two-tone blue damask flocked wallpaper (missing a strip here and there), the rough, stained and damaged wood floors, the chipped blue-painted woodwork...then you'd know exactly why we're excited to turn in tonight.

Sure, our bedroom furniture will transition to the guest room eventually, and those lamps need new shades, and most importantly we've still not ordered new windows. But past that, this room is clean and new, and nearly done.
We took out a tiny closet full of slanted shoe shelves to make a normal size door into the bathroom. Our old stainless medical cabinet has been pressed into duty, with some baskets to hold products and my favorite ironstone punchbowl full of soap. I need to refold the towels (currently stashed in an armoire) and stack those in there too.

Also fun was the little bit of "shopping" I did through the house. I won't do too much as we'll move to the master eventually, but we'll be here for a while so I thought a few accessories would be nice. We're also pretty proud of our closet door handles. They're actually cabinet hardware, but chunky and heavy and nice. The shocker was the price, five bucks and change from Locks & Pulls out in Overland Park.
And finally, to break up the dark floor, the 9X12 seagrass rug., $280, shipping included. Yes, I wish it didn't have the canvas border, but I've looked and I can't find borderless rugs. If it doesn't exactly disappear, it doesn't call too much attention to itself either. We're pleased.
I've got some touch-up painting to do over the weekend, a couple curtain rods to mount, but mostly we're done. Of course from the bed we look directly into the scary bath-let that planning begin!


Raina Cox said...

So so so SO lovely.

I am pledging my troth to your floors, they're that good.


love it!!!
(are the walls painted a different color than the ceiling?)
david - a shameless plug for my little online company (25% off anything for you!) need any new bedding?

David said...

Thanks Raina, they're darker than originally planned, but we like the way they came out.

DD, the walls are Sherwin Williams Front Porch, the ceiling is Fleur de Sel, about 2 shades lighter. New bedding when we finally get to move into the master, and I'll be all about the pillowmint!

shannon said...

love it!! love the color scheme! and the edge of the rug? didn't even notice it until you mentioned that it was bound in the ribbon. it really disappears.

you do great work!

Karena said...

Really nice David!! I love the door pulls, thanks for the tip since I am in Leawood and OP is nearby!

Art by Karena

ArchitectDesign™ said...

It's realy coming together beautifully. $5 for that hardware? GET OUT OF TOWN! That seems insanely cheap even for furniture pulls!

David said...

Stefan, I know! Locks & Pulls is amazing, more hardware than you've ever seen in one place, and pretty much no ceiling on what you can spend. (Valli & Valli for instance) And these were like $5.80 a piece. Crazy.


thanks! ;)

Toad said...

It looks very restful. Bedrooms need quiet, you have achieved that in spades. Great job.

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

I have the same bedspread/shams in my guest room!