The floor was stained yesterday, we went with the darkest of the gray stain samples. After a full night of drying time (we ended up with water-based, long story) we woke up and the floors were...blotchy. And oddly brown. Hmm.

Brett emailed Dan the floor guy to let him know we didn't think it was looking so good, and we never heard back. Happily we came home to a floor that had been given a second coat of stain and is now...even, and charcoally and dark!

I'm not taking a picture now. The floor has three coats of semi-gloss polyurethane coming and then Bill will return to install the base moulding and doors. With that the room will be done (with the exception of the windows, which we're still looking for), and I will shoot. I'll post the original before to remind you of the horror, and the final result, which I think we're going to be rather pleased with. Thank you for your patience.


Mrs. Blandings said...

Can't. Wait. Do you think he rolled his eyes a little after the first coat? Not like, "Idiots!" but more like, "C'mon guys, trust me a little here?"

Raina Cox said...

You're a tease.

Martha said...

David -- I can't wait -- I know it will be perfect!

David said...

That's exactly what Brett said later Mrs. B, that when they arrived they likely would have known it needed some more work.

Sorry to slow-roll the reveal Raina, but you've set the bar on those pretty high!

Fingers crossed Martha, hopefully I can show you soon!

Karena said...

David I am really excited; I have really enjoyed the unfolding!

Art by Karena

Kathleen said...

Look forward to seeing it. Seeing the floors in the blotchy phase must have been a bit of a heart stopper.