A little wrench

Ok, we've hit a slight hitch. The pedestal sink we ordered is on backorder, and won't ship until September. Sure it happens, but in this case it's going to require a replacement. So, here are the candidates.

First, the Lutezia pedestal from Porcher. Not all that different from the original choice. I'm a bit bugged by the curved deck below the spout but can probably deal with it. This ships from HomeClick in 4 to 5 weeks, so it would have to be purchased elsewhere. I've found it on eBay at $318 with free shipping.

The other choice is the Lloyd pedestal from Toto. Ships in 2 to 3 days, for free, from HomeClick. But it's $538. It's also more contemporary, which isn't what I had originally envisioned, but also isn't something I mind. One thing that I do like a lot is that its 34 inches tall. Both Brett and I are around 6 feet tall, so we like a little extra height.

The Purist faucet would work just fine. Also we bought a pair of the Albion bath sconces from Resto. They're seriously minimal, and would also work really well with this sink.

Alright, lets hear what you think.


Mrs. Blandings said...

I like Lloyd. I do. But, if you ordered the other you forget Lloyd every wandered into your life.

Toad said...

If I read correctly choice 1 wont ship until September. So I vote you keep with the original

cats said...

I like Lutezia better, too. Lloyd feels like a fling, not a long term relationship.

Raina Cox said...

EEEEE! I'm paralyzed with indecision, and thus no help to you whatsoever.

Martha said...

I like the first one better -- but of course, I'm often influenced by price (I have to try to get over that for something that will be around forever) the difference in the two sinks is actually not that much for FOREVER!!!

The first is more classic and the second is more modern -- how would either look in 10 years?

shannon said...

what does your toilet look like?

(something i never thought i'd write or ask someone...)

if it's more curved, go with Lloyd. however, if it's got straighter lines, go for the Purist. you can always use a slightly curvier faucet than shown.

shannon said...

and after going back and looking, go for the Purist...it will look great with your toilet. :)

Decorina said...

Hey D, I've got an American Standard pedestal sink - like your original as I recall. It is sitting in my garage. Still in new condition - I never even uncrated it. Want it? I'll go try to take a picture of it.

BTW, I broke my ankle and am not getting around too well right now, but will have the husband to help on Friday.

ChrisToronto said...

I once had a dog named Lutizia. Kidding.
I would choose option one although I agree with you about the faucet bump-out. It's close enough to your original choice, the Barclay, and you'll save 200 bucks over option two. That is if you can put your hands on it quickly enough. Good luck!

David said...

Hi D - Ack, sorry about your ankle! And thanks for the offer on the sink, we've already ordered...the Lloyd.

Explanation on why in a soon-to-come post.

Rest up and heal quickly =)