Recommended reading

Chris at StyleNorth has a nice review of two books on the collections of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge. Both The Private World of Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge, and The Yves Saint Laurent Pierre Berge Collection (the Hardcover catalog from the Christie's sale) are now on my list of books to buy.


ChrisToronto said...

David, thanks for the nod. I really love both books and learned quite a bit about provenance and early 20th century art and design. Saint Laurent and Berge typically tried to fit 10 lbs of flour into 5 lb bags but excess aside, they had great taste, good eyes and the money to pull it all off. Do you think Eileen Gray would be flattered or flabbergasted that her chair fetched nearly $30 million???

David said...

I think she'd likely be both.

I also think you're right about their excesses. It can go wrong so easily, but when it goes right, as it did for them, its pretty spectacular.