Longevity in design

It's an embarassment of fixtures and fittings here! Everything arrived from HomeClick today save the shower head, which is scheduled to show up in a couple of days. Also a surprise was the box I found on the porch when I went out to get the mail, the pair of Albion single sconces from Restoration Hardware.

We've opened all the pretty things and I'll just say again, Kohler makes some beautiful products. The Purist suite is simple yet visually substantial, and the gleaming polished chrome is gorgeous. I thought about a photo but each thing seems to have a lot of pieces, all of which are wrapped safely in foam envelopes and bubble wrap. You'll see everything in the after shots, hopefully very soon.

Thank you all for your thoughts on the sink dilema. As you likely said to yourselves, there just wasn't much difference between the Barclay and the Porcher. And while the Toto stood apart, its still a white pedestal. More contemporary in feel, but retaining some classic lines. Especially when you look at the pedestal itself. It's the shape of pedestals past, simplified down to the basic elements. In the end, the Lloyd by Toto was the winner.

Martha asked the question I think I needed to hear: how would either look in ten years?

I think they'll both look good in a decade actually. But I also recognize that over time my taste has changed, and it seems that it's been a movement toward simple and more streamlined. The materials in the room, the black and white marble, white porcelain and polished chrome, are timeless and should hold up as well as they always have. The toilet and sink especially recall the lines of their predecessors, and hopefully that influence, pared down to the essential shape and proportion, will keep them looking both classic and fresh for a long time to come.


Raina Cox said...

Tingly with reveal anticipation!