Things I love: Silver foliage

Isn't it great when a plant likes where you put it? Everything in the little side bed is looking healthy, we've had a lot of rain so I'm not surprised, but none of the plants are especially fast growers, save the two artemesia I surrounded Mr. Cement Frog with.

I'm a sucker for most any plant that leans to silvers and blues, this finely cut, bushy variety being my favorite. They like some sun and I was worried they wouldn't get enough on the east side of the house, but it appears to be working out just fine.

Now if the big varigated grasses I put by the garage and the porch would stop looking so dry and scraggly I'd be perfectly happy. The smaller dark green maiden grass seems to be doing well, but the big guys look like they're having a hard time of it. Buckets of water seem to help, as did all the rain, but a few dry days and they're looking iffy again. Fingers crossed.


Karena said...

David tnese are thriving beautifully!!

Art by Karena

Kathleen said...

I like silver/blue plants, too. The artemisa will come back each year.

shannon said...

i should get some artemisa for our front beds. they are seriously lacking. i'm sure my neighbors would thank you for giving me the inspiration! :)

Toad said...

Are you certain Mr. Cement Frog isn't a Toad? just sayin'

Your garden is coming along nicely.