Meet the boys

A few folks have noticed Alex the schnauzer in my profile photo, so I thought it was time to start properly introducing the family. Alex is shown above draping himself over Jack. The torso and legs belong to Boyfriend.

When boyfriend and I met over a decade ago he had Kirby, a wonderful schnauzer who I immediately fell in love with. As boyfriend and I became a couple I decided Kirby needed a buddy. I got on the puppy list and soon we had Jack.

Jack, Brookside's Blackjack on his papers, and Kirby were instant friends and lifelong buddies until Kirby's all too early exit due to cancer at age 9. Note to dog owners: should your dog start to have trouble with a toenail or toe, have your vet check for cancer. It can often start there but you won't realize it until it's spread elsewhere, and by that time it's too late.

After Kirby was gone we moved from the house to the apartment awaiting the condo's completion, and finally (months late) to the condo. Jack began to withdraw and act odd, and I began to search for a rescue schnauzer hoping a new friend would help.

Because we live in a low-rise condo with no yard, most rescue groups would not consider us for a dog, but I found a photo of a good looking schnauzer at the animal shelter in Bowling Green, Missouri. I phoned and spoke with April, and filled her in on our family, our living arrangements, our vet and groomer and what we feed our dogs. I gave her phone numbers for the vet and groomer and offered to open our home for a visit. While I went on and on I think what she actually heard was "Two gay guys need another schnauzer to spoil." She called back and invited us to come visit "Lou" to see him in person.

Two years ago on Labor Day Sunday we loaded up the car and headed to Bowling Green, near the Illinois border. The cute face shot online was a bit misleading as Lou was a skinny puppy with no hair as he was matted and had to be shaved. He was also muddy from playing out in the yard with his shelter mates. Still, he got along with Jack, and we had driven over four hours, so we took him home.

Two years later we're still amazed that that scrawny, odd dog Lou became our sweet, handsome Alex. He adores Jack and his dads, and we couldn't love him more. He could have turned out to be a terror so we count ourselves very lucky.

There are so many great dogs in need of homes, please please PLEASE consider adopting the next time you're looking for a companion. They know when you save them, and they'll show it every day.


hello gorgeous said...

Hi David - thanks for visiting my blog. You're a good man, taking those puppies home.

And being from the Midwest, I love your blog title.


Decorina said...

Our wire fox terrier was also acquired from some people that had replaced him with kids. He hates kids to this day. Sure, he's a neurotic little dog, but we love and spoil him to pieces.

Good on ya for rescuing your dog and thanks for the tip on the toenails. Never would think of that.

Russ Manley said...

Oh man, what beautiful dogs you got. I lost my little one last year, not yet ready to get another; he meant a lot in so many ways. He was a purebred, but next time I might go the adoption route like you said. HUGS, Russ.

Russ Manley said...

Thanks for the note, Dave. I'll keep up with your blog too. Russ

i suwannee said...


we're getting ours on 10/31. can NOT wait!