Things I love #2

Mrs. Blandings mentioned The Curious Sofa recently, and as I was driving through Prairie Village on Saturday I decided to stop in. While slipcovered furniture isn't really my thing, a lesson I learned incidentally by buying a slipcovered sofa, the store is always full of interesting things, and this visit was no exception.

Halloween is a big deal there, and they've already had their Halloween open house, this year entitled Dark Carnival. The whole place is decorated, but by far my favorite display was the witch's dining table. I cannot resist a table set with white ironstone and tarnished silver and lots of stuffed rats. Seriously, a black rat poised on top of a tureen full of spanish moss may be the perfect halloween decoration.

Mostly here I look at the displays, and the always sizeable collection of vintage painted furniture. Like me, the owner likes a bit of wear on her painted tables and chests, and she had some very nice pieces, always in the lighter palette she's known for. Making my way back to the front of the store though, I saw this huge, dark steel armoire. It looks industrial, and I couldn't tell if it was old or new. I asked the manager, and it's a new line they're thinking about.

I hope they decide to represent, because I've already decided I need this piece. The darkened steel, the mesh, the vintage-looking handle, I love everything about it. I don't know where I'd use it, although I have a couple ideas. (I've started picking up old white ironstone myself, wouldn't it be great stacked in here!) Plus we won't live here forever and I can find somewhere to stow it if need be.

This photo is from the owner's blog as again, I didn't have my camera with me. I did not get to meet Pearl, the owner's dog. Hopefully she'll be around for my next visit.


Mrs. Blandings said...

David - I was looking at a table there the last time I was in - I bet it was the same line. Really great looking and affordable. Had NOT seen the cabinet - it's terrific.

Brilliant Asylum said...

The would ironstone would look fabulous in this. Good idea.

Brilliant Asylum said...

That's white--not would. u know what i mean.
: )