Before we unplug

We're down to furniture (movers tomorrow!) and stuff that doesn't fit in boxes. Day one of the move is over. Also over is our decade plus real estate partnership with Phyllis Bell.

While she was our representative in the sale of the condo, she represented her inlaws in the sale of the house. Brett and I were unrepresented in that transaction. As such her presence at closing was not required, but she came anyway.

One might assume that she came because after buying and selling six properties over twelve years there would be some goodwill there, but one would be wrong. She came to sit silently through the paperwork and then walk to the parking lot with Brett, where she proceeded to lose her shit.

We were accused of parading contractors through the house without authorization (there was one, which she herself suggested we call, for foundation work that the lender required to be completed before closing), and told that the sellers (her husband and his siblings) were FURIOUS with her. She said that we absolutely could NOT enter the house before the wire was received, and ended by telling Brett he was HORRIBLE.

I would laugh at the ridiculousness of it all if I didn't know how deeply she hurt Brett's feelings. When we made our offer she described her brother-in-law as an ass, so her dismay over their anger (which I don't believe actually exists) rings hollow.

What she's really mad about is a remark made in a moment of serious panic that she construed as questioning her ethics. Rather than dealing with that issue directly she chose to disregard our long-time loyalty, become increasingly curt, and lower her boom on closing day.

So it wasn't the perfect first day as once-again homeowners, but we're in relatively good shape on getting all our stuff moved, and excited to erase the years of neglect and make the house our dream home.

I'm not sure when the internet gets installed, but I'll be back just as soon as we're able.


Raina Cox said...

What a prick (that word is not gender specific in my book).

Karena said...

They are fortunate that you and Brett purchased the house. It can cause problems when you don't have your own representation as you found out. She was truly ungracious and unprofessional!

Karena said...

Oh and David I have a new painting up, do take a look!

soodie :: said...

sounds like she coudn't deal with someone yelling at her or the fact she messed up on something so she had to turn around and spew unnecessary venom at brett.

i HATE that. i HATE that lack of self control.


and that type of behavior is also UNACCEPTABLE in the work place. bosses screaming at subordinates. it happens all the time and it isn't right. i should always carry with me a big fat plastic wiffle ball bat and clobber screaming idiots over the head each and every time they throw a temper tantrum. sorry david, touched a nerve... i feel for brett.

Living the life in The Little City said...

Well, it's done with now and you have the house. I can't wait til you are back online and putting up photos and writing about changes you are making.

I sold a house once where the agent represented both parties - or actually, didn't. Never again.

Decorina said...

I was a broker for years in AZ before moving to CO and all I can say is; "Never get into a real estate transaction without representation".

The whole "buyer's agent" concept doesn't sit right with me; the seller is still paying everyone involved.

But now it it is yours and it will be fantastic! Can't wait to see what you do with it! Happy moves!