Pedestal sinks

Things are cruising along toward the move. It's a continuing roller coaster so there are more folks coming to give us more estimates on necessary repairs. One minute we feel fine, and the next we're sick to our stomachs, and I expect that's perfectly normal.

We've talked about doing the hollywood bath sooner rather than later because we think having one updated bath might make the work on the rest of the house less of a long, hard slog. You may remember I'm planning on a white carrera 3X6 tile for the walls and shower, and I'd planned on a matching 1X2 herringbone mosaic for the floor.

Then I remembered a mosaic tile floor we had in a past house, and how I hated scrubbing all that grout. So I've changed my mind and am now planning on China Black marble (black with white veining) for the floor. 12X12 would be a good scale with the wall tile, but if I find it in something larger I'll give it a look.

So my question for you is on sinks. I'd planned to use a pair of Kohler's Memoirs pedestals and a matching toilet. Yes, I know you see them all the time. But do you know why you see them used a lot? Because they're graceful and good looking, and I think they'd be perfect in a marble bath.

However, getting back in there with a measuring tape, I'm not entirely sure the smallest Memoirs pedestal will fit. More measuring to do before I know for sure.

My question for you now is, in a fairly traditional feeling bathroom, do you think this pedestal could work?

It's from Porcher, and just about the perfect size to nestle into the corners on either side of the window. I like the design on it's own, and I think it could work perfectly in a classic marble bath, but I have a slight worry that it would be too stark, but then I also think the classic tile and the sleek pedistals might be a nice mix. Opinions please!


Mrs. Blandings said...

I think with the white marble they should blend in pretty well, no? I DO have the small Memoirs sink in a very small space an it worked out pretty well. So exciting - let me know if you are going to be around.

Living the life in The Little City said...

I like the small Memoirs sink, as well. I think that's what we have in the upstairs hall bath. Very good looking.

home before dark said...

We are in the process of changing some of the fixtures in my husband's small bathroom. I chose a porcher sapho sink for this small space years ago. It has the faucet on side giving more room for shaving stuff. My husband is 6'5", not entirely cogent in the am since he gave up caffeine and finds this sink a bit wobbly. He also hates to clean around it thinking he's going to break it! I am replacing the porcher with a wall mounted/with stand Toto because I'm putting a Toto toliet in there and the Toto products don't match well with others. If you are used to pedestals and don't need much working space around sink, I think it is beautiful.

David said...

Real life experiences - exactly what I was hoping for. I'm hoping I can make the Kohler work. They won't exactly center on the medicine cabinet above, but if we do a 3 hole faucet with 8" centers I'm not sure it will be all that noticible.

Chaos ensues on the 30th Mrs. B.!

Raina Cox said...

Sad to hear that little sink is wobbly - it looks quite fab.

Karena said...

It is beautiful & graceful, I love pedestal sinks. My concern as a woman is where to hideaway little necessities?!

PS I have tagged you as a Kreative Blogger, David

Decorina said...

I used one in the guest bathrooms of 2 different houses. It worked perfectly in there - and looked great doing it. The homeowners didn't mention any wobbling at all and loved the scale with traditional finishes. Sometimes wobbling results from imperfect installation - insist on blocking for the sink and making sure it is level before the plumber leaves.

Mary said...

Love the Memoirs - American Standard also has a group of "space savers" I have used for clients w/ very small traditional baths.
I've been renovating for two years - my heart goes out to you!

Anonymous said...