Sick of hearing about plumbing yet? (we're sick of talking about it!)

When we moved in I couldn't get the cold water washing machine hose off the spigot down in the basement. So I put our much newer, steel-wrapped hose on the hot and hooked up the old cold hose to the machine.

Over time the slight bulge got bigger until finally we decided that when not using the machine we'd turn the supply off. And one of the last things I did before we headed off to Cali was make sure that was done. Good thing too, when we got back and prepared to do some wash it finally gave way.

Still, there was no getting that old hose off, so Saturday we called Roto Rooter back. While I waited I took a hacksaw to it and actually got the connector cut, but it still wasn't coming off. Matt the plumber showed up and after a false start caused by our turning off the water main before he arrived, he installed new taps, I got a new hose, and we're back in business.

And while he was here Brett asked if he wanted to quote the bathroom re-plumb. He beat all three of our estimates. He'll be back on the 27th to do the job.

And the Tile Shop called, the wall tile is in! I'll head out to pick it up this week.


Raina Cox said...

YAY - the reno gods are smiling on you!