You make the call

There is currently one double-hung window in the bathroom that must be replaced. It remains where it is and retains it's current size, the only possible change would be to a casement. It will be surrounded by about a 3-inch casing painted white, and then the whole thing is surrounded by white marble. The sink will be to the right and there will likely be a freestanding cabinet of some sort to the left, but nothing that impedes.

So the question is what to do for a window covering. I'm open to curtains because we bought a Panasonic exhaust fan that I'm sure will move the moisture out. I'm also open to a variety of blinds or shades. I'm even thinking it might be nice to forgo any covering at all and apply some sort of view-obscuring film to the glass. The only thing I'm not so into would be a shutter.

So what do you think? Or even better, what have you seen or done yourself that you felt worked really well?


Raina Cox said...

Can't go wrong with a Roman shade.

Russ Manley said...

Since you like industrial style, and also black & white, I'll tell you what I did back when I got my first real job and was living in a tiny rented house. There was no curtain or anything over the bathtub window, so I used duct tape and stuck a big black garbage bag over it.

Very effective contrast with the white tub and super easy to install. Just a thought.


ArchitectDesign™ said...

You can order the window with frosted glass. Lets in light but obscures the vision. Totally acceptable in a bathroom and lovely. Otherwise I vote for roman shade.

Kathy said...

I have a similar window arrangement and am looking for a stained glass window to either hang over the space or to mount/insert over the existing window. I want to still be able to open the window, of course.

shannon said...

What are the dimensions of the window?

I have two smaller double hung windows in my bathroom with similar sounding casings. Dark grey walls, whit marble with grey and peach veining, and white trim. I hung white curtains on tension rods.

If you email me your phone number I can text you a photo.

Love you!

Karena said...

I love the look of Roman shades and you wil have a great time choosing the fabric design.

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