Black tile / White Flag

Yes, we'll try most anything, but more importantly we know when to call in the professional. Bill's back, and we have a new entry way floor to show for it. Gone is the old scrap marble, and in its place is black slate. The old marble was in concrete so there was a jackhammer and some beefing up of the old floor joists and a huge mess in the basement, but this is WAY better. And it goes into the closet because I'm one of those "fewer flooring materials the better" guys.

The white flag part comes in with the bathroom. It was taking us forever, it was time. He started on that today as shown below.

And then our french door and new window are in (so excited!), so he'll install those in the family room when he's done with this tile.

This freed Brett and I up to work on our landscaping. We've started installing edging and a small boxwood border and the maple from a few posts ago. Today we put in a little mugo pine, a pair of artemesia, a pair of reed grasses and started installing weed cloth. We bought some more boxwoods to continue the border but they're not going in until later this week, we were beat.


Karena said...

David I adore slate flooring, it is so classic and natural.

I bet your landscaping is looking great with all this rain.

Art by Karena

Raina Cox said...

That looks AMAZING.

I can't wait to see the bathroom finished, but probably not as much as you two.

ChrisToronto said...

Looks divine, David!

Craig said...

The floor looks great. I love slate.
Nothing wrong with getting professionals in, especially for the bathroom as those can be very tricky.

Unknown said...

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