Million Dollar Decorators: With a wimper

Well, that was anti-climactic wasn't it. It doesn't even feel like enough for my 30 second recap, but since Raina was kind enough to point you here...

1. Kathryn, I'd spend the rest of my life getting Dragon Lady Factor to pay her bill.

2. Martyn, Happy MLB Day! I hope you get a free shot and a brisk reach-around at The Abbey!

3. Nathan, I'm glad your arm surgery went well. I learned about that from Twitter rather than the show. Because there was more of you on Twitter than on the show.

4. Mary, I liked your tent. I still think you're nuts, but I liked your tent. Oh, and a number of your lamps.

5. JAM: Congratulations on the Hungry Cat install. Or rather, please congratulate Ross and all the Bravo production assistants on the Hungry Cat install. So much stress and strife. Please know that after all that exhausting work I love your master bath and dressing room.

See you next season!


Raina Cox said...

I feel your ennui.

My final recap took the longest to write because there really wasn't much to say.

If design karma exists, Shannon would hire Jeffrey.

Sharon Brown said...

Can we discuss what kind of mother Shannon must be. Wowza.

Loved your write ups.