Bargain Alert: Target

I hate Target. I went for a toilet bruth and ended up spending 46 bucks.

When we finally do get to decorate around here I'm looking forward to having some plants, so when I walked through the Garden section and saw clearance signs I had to detour down the aisles.

Won't this glossy white fiberglass planter be good? Maybe on the gray chinese cabinet under the tv, filled with ferns. (or perhaps Bonzai?!) Its 18 by 8 by 9 inches tall. Best of all, it was marked down from $35 to $17. It has a plug so you can have drainage or not. And if white won't work for you a light sanding and some spray paint could fix you right up.

You know how stuff at the Target gets beat up so check for chips and cracks if you go. And if you're going to go, go quick, markdowns seem to disappear quickly there as well.


Craig said...

It looks good and a bargain at $17.
Clive and I used to love Target when we lived in the US. I heard rumours that that were going to enter the UK market by buying a UK chain called Matalan but nothing yet. We live in hope!

Raina Cox said...

LB gets a stricken look on his face whenever I announce I'm off to Target.