Confidential to HGTV

Ok HGTV, tonight I reached the tipping point. We've all been watching competition shows for a while now, and there's a systemic problem: the team challenge.

I know you think that drama makes good tv, maybe it does or maybe it doesn't. There's one thing however that I'm absolutely sure it does, and that is dilute the design.

David Bromstad told one of the contestants tonight, "We're a design network." You need to decide if that's true or not.

These people barely know each other and have wildly varying design backgrounds and personalities. When things inevitably go wrong its the room that suffers, and then we get to hear Vern tell the meeker/quieter/more polite of the pair that they should fight for what they think is right. Hey Vern, what exactly should Karl have done tonight to stop Cathy from overstyling the kitchen? He told her he didn't think what she was doing was right and it was obvious she had no intention of changing course. Should he have physically restrained her from stacking up more food?

The designers could have interesting ideas or points of view, but we never get to find out because you're emphasizing the competition over the design. And with the exception of David Bromstad, the competition hasn't even produced stars or compelling shows. Its time to do this differently.


Karena said...

Well said David and I am really sick of the pompous judges in all of these competitions!


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jgrigson said...

I wish It were a real design contest. Real budgets, real houses, working with real clients. No setups between contestants. Some of these people could never get a job because their personalities are so toxic. But others seen really talented and charming. Why is "reality" not enough?