I'm on a roll

The weather was great today so I spent the day in the garage with the sideboard we bought the weekend Brett sliced his finger open.

I've never been a fan of chemical deglossers (liquid sandpaper) but I tried one I've never used before called Paso. It seems to work really well, and my Fine Paints of Europe oil base primer seems to be sticking just fine.

You see it here about halfway through. I stopped shortly after I snapped this phone shot as my brush was getting gunky. Incidentally, Purdy brand brushes suck. I bought a new one for oil base paints and the damn thing loses bristles like I lose hair. (I'm way thin on top, fyi)

I've got some missing veneer spots at the bottom to fill and sand and I'll finish priming the case and doors. Then its a light sanding (after 24 hours of dry time) and on to the exciting part, the burnt orange high gloss FPE sign enamel.


Karena said...

David very excited to see the finished piece. I have been painting quite a few pieces lately. I use Purdy brushes and have lost a couple of bristles; not many though. I wonder if it because I am using water based most of the time on furniture.

Art by Karena

David said...

Maybe I got a bad one, but I probably won't buy another one.

The paint though, I'm already a fan. Its pricey, but so far I think its worth it.