A pair of chairs

Perpendicular to the couch (and more importantly perhaps, the tv) I want a pair of chairs. Something that swivels wouldn't be bad, although you won't be so far from the tv that you'd really have to turn to see. Here's one from Drexel. I like that its kind of round, although in that fabric it screams hotel lobby.
There's also this from Mitchell Gold/Bob Williams. I like the round part, the skirted bottom really bugs me.
Or maybe since the swivel isn't absolutely necessary I should just forget it? This is another Mitchell Gold/Bob Williams chair that I like a lot. Just not in that fabric. I'd probably want something solid, with some texture, in one of the two blues in the rug this will sit on the edge of.

So what do you think? All three are about the same size, and all about the size I need. Do you mind sitting at a 90 degree angle to the tv if it's only about 8 feet or so away? Or maybe Chair #1 is considerably less lobby-like in a better fabric? Opinions wanted.


Martha said...

I like 1 and 3 -- 2 with the skirt really seems like a hotel lobby! (But isn't that the look so many aspire to now --- there are even hotel sheets for pity's sake!)

Actually I like 1 better because it is a bit different on the bottom -- it's a little more individualistic.

David said...

I like the bottom of 1 as well Martha. It's just different from so many things you see. I think the right fabric would really help.

ArchitectDesign™ said...

I always leg chairs with legs so i'm biased -i vote #3!

shannon said...

i am a huge fan of #3. fabric, legs, everything. people can always gently turn the chair if they need to see the tv better. :)

Russ Manley said...

Okay if you want an old shitkicker's opinion, #3 with the legs is a little more dynamic in form than the other two, if that matters. But hell yes I mind having to swivel my antique neck 90 degrees to watch the TV set. In a few more years you young'uns will understand why. But how often will you have company over to sit there and watch TV instead of chat or play cards?