John McCain is not your friend

Up until now I've avoided a political post. It's been a topic almost everywhere, even design oriented blogs (hey Decorno!), and others have shown they can deconstruct it all far better than I. I know what I believe, and I don't think anyone ever really changes anyone else's mind. Frankly, at this point discussing it just makes my head hurt. I do pay attention to what's going on though, and tonight at the workshop I listened to the debate on NPR while I sanded the drawer fronts of a maple chest.

I couldn't tell you what either candidate said, it was so dull at some point I think all I picked up was voice tone. One thing I did notice however, was how McCain worked in the word "Friend" whenever possible.

I don't think John McCain is a bad man. Far from it, he's spent the better part of his adulthood in our nation's service when he could have been a do-nothing President of Marketing for his wife's company. That service certainly matters. But John McCain is not a friend, and here's why.

John McCain no doubt knows gay people. He actively employs at least one gay man, Mark Buse, and quite likely others (a WHOLE other issue that we won't get into now). I don't think for a moment that Mr. McCain gives a rat's ass who sleeps with who. Choosing Sarah Palin as his running mate, however, shows an absolute willingness to pander to people who care a great deal. People who spend their time and money, and in some cases make their living, by working to deny me the very same rights afforded heterosexual Americans. People who view me as flawed, sick, damaged, or worse. People who would deny me dignity, and in the extreme, the right to live.

Overly dramatic? Maybe. But as Sarah Palin spoke to a crowd in Clearwater, Florida today, whipping them into a froth with her " Obama pals around with terrorists" schtick, someone in the audience called out "Kill him!" She neither paused nor reacted. When faced with bigotry, and I have to believe that's what it was, I don't recall anyone suggesting the murder of a white candidate recently, Sarah Palin, her mouth reciting the talking points given to her, remained silent.

Friends defend us. Friends stand up to intolerance. Friends speak out in the face of the casual devaluation of human life. Sarah Palin, and John McCain, are not our friends.


hello gorgeous said...

Right on.

Don't feel bad. He referred to his esteemed colleague, Barack Obama, last night as "That one."

P.S. Adding you to my blogroll - can you feel the midwestern love?

David said...

I DO feel the midwestern love, and I've updated my blog roll with a little for you too!