Well, with the exception of my shaving kit, I'm packed. I got it all in one suitcase and I think I'm plenty shy of 50 pounds, which is a big relief for Boyfriend. Perhaps you're the sort who always packs early, but I'm usually not that organized. I'm packed tonight because there's an auction tomorrow.

The auction house publishes photos on their website, and it looks like tomorrow's sale is chock-full of good stuff. Red Wing crocks, good vintage bookends, architectural prints, some Danish modern cabinets and other good furniture of all kinds. I'm heading to the auction for one thing however, the breakfront secretary pictured above.

With any luck this post will serve as the Before picture. It's hard to tell from the photo, but I've watched the video (yeah, our auction house is all uptown!) and this piece has plenty of bumps and scratches. It's definitely a candidate for some paint work from me.

My eleven foot square den, like most of my house, is in tans and browns and blacks. The breakfront appears to be shallow (fingers crossed) and would be perfect with storage below and some much-needed bookshelf space above. It would also provide some much needed height in the room. The plan is to remove that wavy pediment on top and paint it a glossy, pale blue-green with an even paler gray interior. New hardware in chrome would be a nice update as well. The description says it has bubble glass, which I'm not sure if I like or not.

Cross your fingers that the auction gods smile on me. Also cross your fingers that I can fall asleep on the plane without spending a fortune on drinks.

UPDATE: The breakfront turned out to be really small, too small for the place I wanted it use it. So the search for the perfect piece continues.