Auction update

They were Overman chairs (good eye Chris!) and they were in beautiful condition. And they went to a woman who obviously was NOT going to let go. She got a great deal on them, but paid more than I was prepared to spend. It's disappointing, but only mildly so. I've gone to enough auctions and sales to know that something good absolutely will come up again.

The rest of the evening was one of those odd, wonderful nights where I picked up all sorts of odds and ends for nearly nothing. I practically stole a 50's Haeger lamp with it's original finial. When I've got it rewired and wearing a new shade I'll post a pic.


Karena said...

It is true, great things come along all the time. You have a good eye David!

Anonymous said...

David, I feel your pain, I've certainly been there. But you have exactly the right attitude, something else even more fabulous will be right behind it. And you also did the right thing by sticking to your ceiling--it's the only way to make auctions work for you. Better luck at the next sale.

Toad said...

I'm sorry to see the chairs go, mon ami.