Hello, A Little More Than A Thousand Gorgeous Words

*representation only, not actually HG or her daughter
Thinking about it, I'm not even sure how I began reading the blogs I read. I know Joe.My.God and Towleroad were first, but past that it must all have come from linking. Anyway, I found much to like, and my blogroll reflects that. What it doesn't reflect is that each of those comes with a blogroll of it's own, which I use frequently.

One of my listed faves is Hello Gorgeous, but via her blogroll I discovered her daughter at A Little More Than A Thousand Words. If you're not already a regular reader of one or both, take a look. Vastly different, there's much to like at each.

Recently, Spencer (HG's girl!) filed a guest post, and Raina was dead on when she said that the apple doesn't fall far. Wit and insight apparently are hereditary and it got me to thinking. So I'm just floating this out there: blog together.

Not everyday necessarily, and not instead of your current blogs certainly. But something else, something fun. Wouldn't it be fun? I'd love to see what you'd come up with.


hello gorgeous said...

Thanks, David, for the love and the idea. In our free time... :-)

No Bones Just Brains said...

That's so sweet!

I never knew what an impact could have =]

Raina Cox said...

Do you mean like guest blogging or something a bit different?