House shopping

Our place isn't on the market (yet) and we know better, but we did it anyway, we looked at open houses today. Realtors, here are my notes:

House 1: Don't just say hi and then go back to whatever you were doing at the dining room table. When you're holding open a house with that oddball layout you're going to have to dig down and find some sales skills. Not for us of course, we wouldn't touch it. But someone will if you'll make an effort.

House 2: Don't you watch HGTV? Your owners need to depersonalize. The baby and wedding pictures should be packed away, especially if as you said, the owners have already moved. It's distracting. And that mural in the baby's room? Mom and dad loved it I'm sure, but the rest of us are thinking 'office.' A house for sale is not a home, we need a little paint please.

House 3: WHY are you sitting there in the dining room with the owner? I didn't hang around my place while people toured, it makes them uncomfortable. I was excited about your listing too, I came hoping to see potential. Instead I saw a shoddy flip. Shoddy. That's why we were speaking so quietly in other rooms, we had nearly nothing nice to say. Such a disappointment.

House 4: No notes for you really, because I couldnt stop the remodeling in my head. You were around and available for questions, and that's all I really needed. And that was sweet of you to offer to email me when they're ready to sell their mother's mid-century furniture. I totally need the pair of side tables in the living room.

House 5: Sweet little place, this is exactly how a flip should be done. It's a little pricey for it's size, but it's cute and I'm sure you'll sell it quick. We're not looking for turnkey, but if we were we'd totally go for this one.

So yes, our place isn't even for sale yet, and I've found the house I want. I was hoping I'd like house 3 because it's significantly less, but house 4 wins hands-down. It needs everything, but by doing everything the price probably doubles at resale. Maybe even more if we stay a while. Ah redoing houses. We hate to admit it, but we like the process.

***UPDATE*** Brett makes no real estate decisions without consulting our realtor, and they've spoken. She's not crazy about the house now, but has total faith in our ability to impart lovliness. She also thinks it's very good from an investment standpoint. And best of all, she thinks its overpriced. Under for the location, but way over for the condition. (its the worst house on a great street) The market looks like it's picking up, so we'll probably be too late to the party, but you never know. Time to get this condo ready to show!


Raina Cox said...

Best of luck, I hope you get it!

And then you must post photos.

David said...

Thanks Raina! The timing and negotiations would have to come together just right, so it's really iffy. That said, if it does it's got great bones and will be really cool when we're done.

Karena said...

Good luck on your venture David! So right about staging the house for sale clear out clutter, photos etc. Makes a huge difference. I know it is winter here, however curb appeal is another big deal for buyers!

hello gorgeous said...

Wow, you moved quickly! I can't believe you found something so quickly.

Keeping fingers crossed for you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love real estate... I think I just like shopping and finding bargains the most. I hope you get your house for a rock bottom price and I can't wait to see pictures of la casa in all its hideous glory, so that the transformation to awesomeness will be even more striking.

Toad said...

Best of luck in your adventure, especially with your current home.